How to take screenshot in smartphone

How to take screenshot in smartphone

Take screenshot in any smartphone android or iphone

Many times we need to take a screenshot in the phone but due to lack of knowledge, we are unable to share the important thing at times. Many of you will hear the name of the screenshot. It is clear through the name that anyone who is looking at the screen is able to capture and save someone, but many people do not know how to get a screenshot in their mobile. Let us tell you how to take screenshots in all types of smartphones. First of all know about Android phones.

Screenshots in Android smartphone

There are several ways to take screenshots in Android phones. The first way is to take a screenshot by pressing Home button and Power simultaneously. Another way to take a screenshot is by pressing the Volume Down button and Power button at the same time.
Apart from this, a separate button has been given for screenshot of mobile notifications of companies like Shawom. For this, on the screen you want to take the shot, scroll down the notification bar from the top and press the button with the screenshot These photos will be saved in the folder of the phone's gallery, in the name of a screenshot named Screenshot.
At the same time, a phone with multiple fingerprints can take screenshots by placing three fingers together from top to bottom, although it is necessary that the fingerprint feature is turned on.
Apart from this you can also speak to take a screenshot from Google Assistant in the phone. For this, first say ok google, then Take a screenshot. Now Google Assistant will take a screenshot and ask to share it. If you wish, then share or save.

Screenshot in iphone

In the iPhone, screenshots like Android phones can be taken. For this, press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously. After that, check the screen shot in your phone's photoreol folder.

Screenshot in windows

At the same time, to take a screenshot in Windows Phone, press the Home button and Power button simultaneously, however screenshots can only be taken in a phone with Windows 8 OS. This feature will not work on the OS below.

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