How to Record call in phone : incoming or outgoing call recording

How to Record call in phone : incoming or outgoing call recording

Record any phone call in any smartphone

There are many situations in life when you have to show evidence of your phone calls, whether there is a police case, issue in the office or any threat from someone, that's why you want to record a personal or professional call. Even though it is not ok to record a call without caller's permission, but it is compulsive to do so many times to protect yourself. To do this, you will need some call recorder app. So today, we show how can you record a call from these apps in your smartphone -

1. Record calls from Smart Auto Call Recorder 
All calls from Smart Auto Call Recorder will be automatic record
This app can record all incoming calls in your phone, as soon as a call comes, the recording will start.

2. ACR call recorder
This is a free call recording app. Its features are fantastic. Any old recording that will be in it will be auto-deleted and if you want you can keep marking the recording important, this will be the advantage that the special call will not be auto-deleted.

3. Smsrobot LTD's automatic call recorder 
Smsrobot LTD's automatic call recorder will record all calls.
You can record any call through this recorder. The special thing is that you just have to shake your phone to record calls.

4.Police App Call Recorder
This allows you to record all incoming calls in your phone and you can stop recording when you need.

5.Automatic call recorder
With this app you can record any call coming in the phone and save it. If you want to customize the calls, you have to set which calls to record and which to ignore, you can do so. You can also save your calls in Google Drive.

Note: It is not legal to record someone's call without telling him and team does not support it at all. These articles have been written to increase the tech knowledge of the readers only.

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