Find lost or theft phone via Google maps

Find lost or theft phone via Google maps

How to Find lost or theft phone via Google maps

It has happened to you that you have put your hand in the pocket to take the mobile and saw that your phone is not in the pocket. Imagine what would you do if your phone is stolen? What will happen to your photos, data and contact numbers? Now you will start remembering one by one that the last time you saw your phone.
It may also be that you call on your phone and a noble man is holding your phone and then he will bring your phone to you. But most likely that you will never find your phone again. In such situations, it is natural to have panic in you. But the good news is that there are now features like 'Find My Phone' in smartphones like Apple.

There are also features like 'Find Your Phone' in Android smartphones. With these features, wherever your phone goes, the location is tracked. With Google Maps, you can track your device's location timeline form. You will be surprised, how does all this happen? For this, you must have a smartphone or a PC with an internet connection. Apart from this, it is important to have a login ID and password for your Google Account. 

Now you can trace your lost phone with these steps ...

1. Open on your smartphone or PC.
2. Log in to the linked Google Account linked to your lost smartphone.
3. Now click on the three Horizontal bar icon on the top right.
4. Select 'Your timeline' option.
5. Here you will have to enter the year, month and day, on the day you want to see the location of your device.
6. Now the map will show location history along with the location of your device.

Note: To make this feature work better, your device should be switched on and its location feature should be turned on.

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