Best android apps for lock and safe your Files, videos and photos

5 Best App Locker For Android

5 Best App Locker For Android

Android phone is a part of our digital life. So it is very important to keep its personal data safe.

In some versions of Android, App Locker is already there, but if it is not present in your Android then will give you this "5 Best App Locker For Android". About Best App Locker By using which you can keep your private data secure from others.

Android 5 Best App Locker 
If you also want to keep your Android phone safe from others, then this post 5 Best App Locker For Android is absolutely for you.

To keep your Android phone safe, use one of these 5 Best App Protector and be absolutely safe.

1. LEO Privacy Guard
This is the top of our list because I use it for my Android and I am very happy with its features.
This is actually the best App Locker for your Android Phone.
This locks your App, Photos, Videos, etc. for you. Not only this, you can also use it to track your lost mobile that works on messaging.

One of the best features of this is that if someone wants to open your locked apps and they put incorrect password more than two times in it. So this app will take photographs and save it.
When you open this app you will be able to see and get information about that guy.
It's too small in the App size, which does not have any effect on the speed of your Android phone.

2. CM Security AppLock Antivirus
You can call it All In One Best App Locker.
This app not only helps lock your app but also acts as an antivirus, due to which your mobile phone is also protected from Virus.
If you want Best App Locker and Best Antivirus App to be found in both apps, then you will not get any more options.

You can also guess about its popularity by saying that it is the most rated App (4.7) on the Play Store.
So I would advise you to use this app so that you can keep your Android phone safe from others and save it from Virus as well.

3. AppLock - Fingerprint
This app is also one of Best App Locker and is known for its best quality.
This app is also small in size and helps in protecting your Android phone without ads.
With this app you can lock your apps that have a lot of options like Fake Lock Screen, Timer Lock, Remote Lock, Screen Lock, Bluetooth Lock etc.
If you want to feel the best features of this app then make sure to install this App once in your Android phone.

4. Hotspot Shield Privacy App Lock
This App Locker also makes its position in the list of Best App Locker due to its best quality.
Its size is a little over the previous app, but it is fine for its better quality.

There are also a lot of options available through which you can keep your Android phone safe.

5. Applock
Applock is also a great option to protect your Android phone. And this is also one of Best App Locker.

You can use it to keep your mobile safe and save your data from another person.
Although the size of this app is also slightly higher, but according to its quality, it is also fine.
You install this app and feel its features.

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